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Upper SChool Faculty

Latin 1, Classics - Samantha Bivans

  • Position: Latin 1, Classics
  • Email:sbivans@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BA in Anthropology from East Carolina University, MA in Classics from University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Honors: Outstanding Minor in Classics from East Carolina University
  • Background: Ms. Bivans has worked at Hallmark since 2005, and she has also worked at the Aurora Fossil Museum since 2012.
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    Lecture Based
    Circular Table Classroom
    Demonstration and Modeling
    Plentiful Personal Feedback
    Group Work 
    Class Presentations
    Audio Focused
    Visually Focused
  • Learning styles: Ms. Bivans addresses the needs of different students through the collaborative approach of group work. Sometimes she assigns stronger students to work with weaker students, so that different skill levels may learn from each other. At other times Ms. Bivans assigns students of similar skill levels to work together so that stronger students can push each other while Ms. Bivans can take time to address the collective needs of weaker students. Ms. Bivans relies on variety and spontaneity to capitalize on student momentum and keep students engaged. When she notices that students respond well to certain strategies, she focuses on incorporating those strategies into her lectures.
  • Educational philosophy: Ms. Bivans's educational philosophy continues to grow and develop with every new class of students she instructs. She wants her classroom to be a place where students feel like they can be themselves. She maintains a professional environment, yet truly believes that students have the most success understanding the material when what they are learning is presented in a fun way. Ms. Bivans loves seeing her students form relationships between the classical world and the world in which they live. As students learn from her and make connections through her class, Ms. Bivans also learns from them and gains new insights into how to teach in a productive, fun, and challenging way.
  • Hobbies: Ms. Bivans loves to read, particularly every night before going to sleep. She also enjoys knitting, making jewelry, chainmaille, and any type of crafting in general. If you're lucky, you may catch Ms. Bivans painting at the Accidental Artist on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Fun facts: Ms. Bivans lived in Dublin, Ireland, for a year to complete her master's degree. While abroad, she backpacked around Scotland for several weeks, and she also travelled to England, Italy, and Greece. Some of her life dreams include backpacking around Southeast Asia and teaching English to foreign students in South America or Asia.

Advanced Computer Applications, AP U.S. Government, AP World History, Honors U.S. Government, Honors World History, U.S. Government, World History - Amy Chiles

  • Position: Advanced Computer Applications, AP U.S. Government, AP World History, Honors U.S. Government, Honors World History, U.S. Government, World History
  • Email: achiles@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BS in History from East Carolina University; MA in Education from East Carolina University, specializing in Instructional Design and Technology
  • Honors: Member of Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society; 2007 Outstanding Graduate Student Award: East Carolina University's Department of Library Science and Instructional Technology; 1995–1996 Jones County Teacher of the Year, Trenton, North Carolina; 1995–1996 Jones Senior High School Teacher of the Year Trenton, North Carolina
  • Background: J. Y. Joyner Library Teaching Assistant at East Carolina University; Instructional Design Consultant to the Craven County School System. Developed a ninth-grade signature course titled World Dynamics that integrates the North Carolina curriculum in World History, Earth Science, and Language Arts. 9–12 Social Studies Teacher and Department Chair in Jones County Public Schools.
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Lecture Based
    • Socratic Method
    • Circular Table Classroom
    • Demonstration and Modeling
    • Collaboration
    • Facilitation
    • Plentiful Personal Feedback
    • Hands-On Learning
    • Group Work
    • Class Presentation
  • Learning styles: Mrs. Chiles believes that productive teaching occurs when the teacher meets the student at the point where the student needs to be challenged. To this end, Mrs. Chiles listens and modifies lesson plans according to needs; she teaches with clearly stated and obtainable objectives. She does not believe in “one size fits all" instruction; thus, she tailors instruction to each class and to each student. This helps everyone grow and learn at his or her best rate.
  • Educational philosophy: Mrs. Chiles champions the ideal that the best teachers have the best attitude. The best teachers are builders of knowledge, character, and solid habits of the mind. Mrs. Chiles strongly believes in experiential learning so that students have avenues to practice and apply what they have learned in the classroom.
  • Cocurricular involvement: Lead Advisor to YMCA Youth and Government Club and Middle School Model United Nations
  • Hobbies: Mrs. Chiles enjoys reading historical fiction, cooking, kayaking, fishing, walking her dogs, and spending time with her husband and three sons.
  • Fun facts: Mrs. Chiles has walked the Great Wall of China. She also was the Illinois State Gymnastics Champion when she was 11 years old.

Upper School Latin & College Counselor - Michele DeCamp

  • Position: Upper School Latin and College Counselor
  • Email:mdecamp@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education:B.A. in English with a Minor in Creative Writing from NC State University, Raleigh, NC. MA in Children's Literature from Hollins University, Roanoke, VA.
  • Honors:Best All-Around Teacher 2011-2012, Franklin Academy, Wake Forest, NC; National Board Certification in English Language Arts for Adolescence/Young Adulthood, 2010; Valedictorian, NCSU, Class of 2005; ETS Recognition of Excellence Award for Perfect English Praxis II Score, 2005; Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society Member
  • Background: Mrs. DeCamp is a New Bern native who has taught a combination of English and Latin for ten years in both Wake County and Craven County.
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Lecture Based
    • Socratic Method
    • Collaborato
    • Delegator
    • Facilitator
    • Provide Personal Feedback
    • Hands-On Learning
    • Group Work
    • Class Presentations
    • Project-Based Learning
    • Classroom Outreach
  • Learning styles: Mrs. DeCamp enjoys kinesthetic activities and would rather see students speaking Latin in togas than translating at their desks. She also enjoys incorporating music, art, and film in her classes. However, she also believes in the power of storytelling and enjoys telling her students the history of the Romans and helping her English students see how the power of words can aid them in their future careers.
  • Educational philosophy: Mrs. DeCamp revels in the enthusiasm that young people bring to the classroom. She believes all students have gifts that will aid them in their Upper School experience and she tries to give them the opportunities to share their talents through their Latin and English work. For her, the Upper School experience should be academically rigorous but also be a time of personal growth. She wants to see students challenge themselves and to learn from the moments when they may falter.
  • Cocurricular involvement: Mrs. DeCamp is the lead advisor for Epiphany's Junior Classical League, which is a national organization dedicated to spreading love of the Greco-Roman world.
  • Hobbies: Mrs. DeCamp, first and foremost, loves to read. However, she has found that it doesn't mix well with her other favorite hobby—mountain biking. She looks forward to the day when her three-year-old daughter is able to do both with her, but, in the meantime, she makes up for her library/trail time by spending copious amounts of time reading picture books to her in the great outdoors. 
  • Fun facts: Mrs. DeCamp was, to her knowledge, the first teen columnist for the Sun Journal and her bi-weekly columns led to her getting a weekly guest spot on a Channel 10 show called Will C's TV that was hosted by local favorite William C. Morgan. She is very thankful that YouTube did not exist back then and no record of that television show is available to her students today.

US Science - Bryan DeCamp

  • Position: US Science
  • Email:bdecamp@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Holds a BS in Chemistry from North Carolina State University
  • Graduated as Valedictorian from NCSU
  • Published author in various scientific periodicals
  • Served on the Scholarship Nomination Committee at his previous school, and currently assists with STEM night for Bangert Elementary

Honors British Literature, Honors American Literature, British Literature, American Literature, World Literature 1, Independent Study and Research - J.T. Ellenberger

  • Position: Honors British Literature, Honors American Literature, British Literature, American Literature, World Literature 1, Independent Study and Research
  • Email: jtellenberger@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BA in English Literature and American History from West Virginia University; MA in English Literature from Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Background: Instructor in English at West Virginia University and Louisiana State University; Director of Music at five different churches.
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Lecture Based
    • Socratic Method
    • Circular Table Classroom
    • Collaboration
    • Plentiful Personal Feedback
    • Group Work
    • Class Presentations
    • Primarily Audio Focused
  • Learning styles: Mr. Ellenberger uses video when possible, and he makes great use of the Media Center for background research when teaching literature.
  • Educational philosophy: In three short words, Mr. Ellenberger concludes: “It's all connected." Education, indeed, is all connected, and helping students see for themselves how English connects to history; geography connects to global studies; math connects to science; and most importantly how the students' own actions connect to the future are essential goals of The Epiphany School of Global Studies as he sees it.
  • Cocurricular involvement: Film Club Advisor
  • Hobbies: Mr. Ellenberger is the director of music and the organist at St. Andrew Lutheran Church in New Bern. He also loves baseball and reading in the interstitial spaces.
  • Fun facts: No one living has ever seen Mr. Ellenberger run. He's also a pretty fair auto mechanic if you're in a pinch.

Honors American Literature, Honors World Literature I, Honors World Literature II, American Literature, World Literature I, World Literature II, Drama - Amy Fitzgerald

  • Position: Honors American Literature, Honors World Literature I, Honors World Literature II, American Literature, World Literature I, World Literature II, Drama
  • Email: afitzgerald@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BS in English from Appalachian State University
  • Background: Mrs. Fitzgerald has taught in public schools, private boarding schools in the United States, and a private boarding school in Taiwan
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Socratic Method
    • Demonstration and Modeling
    • Facilitation
    • Group Work
    • Class Presentations
  • Learning styles: Mrs. Fitzgerald employs a variety of different classroom techniques including auditory, visual, kinesthetic, verbal, and interpersonal learning. When Mrs. Fitzgerald poses a discussion question, for example, she posts it on the board and reads it aloud. Then she allows each student to compose an answer by himself or herself before she divides the students into small groups for the students to discuss answers among themselves. Finally, she gathers the whole class to address the topic as a whole.
  • Her educational philosophy: As a lifelong learner, Mrs. Fitzgerald wants to model her passion for learning for her students. She strives to encourage a love of reading by asking students to make personal connections to characters and situations. She also feels that it is part of her mission in world literature classes to expose students to various cultures and situations that are both strangely similar to and vastly different from our own culture.
  • Cocurricular involvement: Director of Fall Talent Show, Director of the Spring Musical
  • Hobbies: Mrs. Fitzgerald loves to travel, read, and most of all to spend time with her son, Ben.
  • Fun facts: Mrs. Fitzgerald was a Peace Corps volunteer in the island nation of Vanuatu. While she was there, she met and hung out with the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. She has also traveled to every continent except Africa and Antarctica.

Anatomy and Physiology, AP Biology, Honors Biology I, Honors Biology II, Biology I, Biology II - Robin Gibson-Brown

  • Position: Anatomy and Physiology, AP Biology, Honors Biology I, Honors Biology II, Biology I, Biology II
  • Email: rgibsonbrown@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BA in Biology with a Chemistry Minor and Teaching Certification from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, MS in Biology from East Carolina University
  • Honors: Jeffery's Graduate Award from East Carolina University; Teacher of the Year from 1991–1992 at Pamlico County High School, North Carolina.
  • Background: Prior to working at Epiphany, Mrs. Gibson-Brown was a Biology Laboratory Assistant and Instructor, a Biology Instructor, a Biology Laboratory Coordinator, and a Distance Education Biology Instructor.
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Lecture Based
    • Facilitation
    • Plentiful Personal Feedback
    • Hands-On Learning in Weekly Lab Activities
    • Group Work through Study Skills Activities
    • Class Presentations
    • Audio Focused
    • Visually Focused
  • Learning styles: Mrs. Gibson-Brown requires all of her students to learn the same material, but she uses different methods to help each student acquire knowledge in his or her own way. Lecture helps the auditory learner, while matching games with cards and terms help the kinesthetic learner, and video reviews help the visually focused learner. Mrs. Gibson-Brown also incorporates lab activities so that the social learner can interact with others while students verbally explain material to each other.
  • Educational philosophy: Mrs. Gibson-Brown feels that when students are given the proper skill sets, they can learn all subject matter. The basic skills of analytical reading, logical problem solving, and mathematics enable students to conquer any subject and to function in the world—today and in the future. Mrs. Gibson-Brown believes that students must have the desire and drive to succeed, and this must come from within. Many students develop this drive and passion as they pass achievement goals in her class and in their other classes at Epiphany.
  • Cocurricular involvement: Science Fair Coordinator, Upper School Science Olympiad Coach, National Honor Society Advisor
  • Hobbies: Mrs. Gibson-Brown enjoys skiing with her family and riding motorcycles with her husband. Her whole family loves the sport of lacrosse and often spends Saturdays playing it together.
  • Fun facts: When she was young, Mrs. Gibson-Brown lived in Germany for three years. She has climbed glaciers, explored ruined castles, and learned to ski in the Swiss Alps. In addition, she has helped host foreign exchange students from Norway and Sweden and loves developing cross-cultural relationships.

Precalculus Honors, Advanced Functions and Modeling and Statistics - Lisa Haidt

  • Position: Precalculus Honors, Advanced Functions and Modeling and Statistics
  • Email: lhaidt@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BA in Education with a focus on Secondary Mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Enjoyed a summer session in Mathematics at NC Governor's School.
  • Background: Previously taught at John T. Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Lecture Based
    • Personal Feedback with emphasis on process to get to the mathematical result
    • Group Work
    • Individual help (during tutorial)
  • Learning styles: Often there are several ways to work a more complex problem, depending on the way you "see" it. Sometimes problems are worked in those several ways to show different paths to the same answer. With the SmartBoard we are also able to utilize web-based lectures for another instructor's vision of teaching a topic.
  • Educational philosophy: It's all in the details. Higher level maths use patterns and formulas to solve situations. In my class we will see how many formulas came to be before we use them in class. Then using those formulas is more meaningful, and even if you forget the formula, in many cases you can derive them yourself. Understanding the how and not just the shortcuts will help students when they encounter problems that may be different than exact problem they had in the homework. Final answers still depend on getting all the details right along the way.
  • Hobbies: Mrs. Haidt enjoys using math skills to sew and make random Pinterest projects for herself (like constructing a headboard or a blanket ladder)
  • Fun facts: Mrs. Haidt has finished 2 Half Ironman events (70.3 miles) and several smaller triathlons

Honors Spanish III, Honors Spanish IV, Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV - Craig Hearne

  • Position: Honors Spanish 3, Honors Spanish 4, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish 4
  • Email: chearne@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BA in ] from East Carolina University; AA from Florida College, Temple Terrace, Florida
  • Honors: Who's Who in Spanish 1981
  • Background: Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Hearne was a pastor for 30 years.
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Demonstration and Modeling
    • Plentiful Personal Feedback
  • Learning styles: Mr. Hearne combines audio and visual learning methods in his classroom. A well-seasoned public speaker, Mr. Hearne tries to captivate his students with lectures, while providing ample models and demonstrations for his students to use to follow along.
  • Educational philosophy: Mr. Hearne believes that education should be fun. His educational philosophy is to truly engage students in the material, because when students are engaged they are more likely to learn.
  • Cocurricular involvement: Outdoor Club Advisor, Spanish Club Advisor
  • Hobbies: Mr. Hearne's hobbies include hunting, the outdoors, gardening, and surfing.
  • Fun facts: Every year, Mr. Hearne returns to Honduras, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua to preach. He also loves to surf.

Honors Pre-Algebra, Honors Algebra I, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I - Wendy Hopkins

  • Position: Honors Pre-Algebra, Honors Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1
  • Email: whopkins@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BA in Psychology from St. Bonaventure University, MA in Education from the University of Connecticut
  • Background: Prior to teaching at Epiphany in 2009, Mrs. Hopkins taught for nine years at St. Edward School in Connecticut
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Facilitation
    • Demonstration and Modeling
    • Plentiful Personal Feedback
  • Learning styles: Mrs. Hopkins fosters a wide variety of learning styles. She particularly encourages students to ask questions both in class and outside of the classroom.
  • Educational philosophy: Mrs. Hopkins underscores the school motto, ToLove God and Your Neighbor as Yourself. Not only is this a moral guideline, but also an educational one, for when the students of The Epiphany School of Global Studies love their neighbors, they open themselves up to learn wonderful things about the world.
  • Cocurricular involvement: Science Olympiad Coach, MATHCOUNTS Coach, and Math Club Advisor
  • Hobbies: Mrs. Hopkins's hobbies include scrapbooking, tole painting, and watching pro football and NCAA basketball.
  • Fun fact: She and her husband raised five children for 23 years in a house with one bathroom. Phew!

Upper School Chorus Teacher - Alyssa Howell

  • Position: Upper School Chorus Teacher
  • Email: ahowell@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BA from East Carolina University in Vocal Performance
  • Honors: 2004 Teacher of the Year: Immanuel Center for Christian Education
  • Background: Private Voice Teacher, Assistance Choir Director, 5 Solos on the East Carolina University Chamber Singers CD, “Greater Love" with Gothic Records, 5 years in the East Carolina University Chamber Singers
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Demonstrator/Modeler
    • Collaborator
    • Delegator
    • Hands-On Learning
    • Group Work
    • Primarily Audio-focused
  • Learning styles: Ms. Howell utilizes visuals, audio, technology, and tactile experiences.
  • Educational philosophy: Ms. Howell enjoys working with students and believes that although music should be enjoyable, there should be structure in the classroom. Music, like any other subject has to be taught and students are capable of becoming an ensemble especially in a choral setting.
  • Hobbies: Ms. Howell enjoys horseback riding, reading, knee boarding, hiking and most of all, singing. She also enjoys learning new languages. She took French, Italian, and German courses at East Carolina University.
  • Fun fact: Ms. Howell has performed in Carnegie Hall, and has traveled up and down the Eastern Coast singing many different genres of music including; classical, jazz, country/ country rock, blue grass, early sacred and even a little soft rock.

Honors Latin II, Honors Writing and Rhetoric, Latin V - Ryan Seeger

  • Position: Honors Latin 2, Honors Writing and Rhetoric, Latin 5
  • Email: rseeger@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BA in History, Appalachian State University; MA in Latin, University of Georgia
  • Background: Mr. Seeger got the teaching bug when he worked as a camp counselor at age 19 at Camp Sea Gull in Arapahoe, North Carolina. Combining his expertise working with children and his love for antiquities, he chose to become a Latin teacher. He spent four years teaching Latin, Ancient History, and English at an independent school in Raleigh where he worked his way up to Assistant Headmaster. Thereafter, he became the Youth Director at the Chapel Hill–Carrboro YMCA, leading 25 youth counselors and 200+ day campers in After-School and Summer Camp programs. He missed teaching so much during his years at the Y, however, that he found a teaching position at Epiphany. Since arriving at Epiphany, Mr. Seeger has thrust himself into Epiphany's academics—teaching Latin, ninth-grade writing, and tenth-grade Independent Study and Research. He has also led our athletics as a coach and Athletic Director. He, too, has advised many cocurriculars and has led student trips abroad.
  • Educational philosophy: Mr. Seeger loves to lead students in front of the classroom. He balances structure and excitement in his classroom and he incorporates traditions and ceremonious occurrences to keep students engaged and wanting to return to class. Mr. Seeger also believes that the classroom environment must also be rigorous, and he is mindful of those who deserved to be challenged. He lives by the mantra that “Excellence is a choice."
  • Hobbies: Mr. Seeger's hobbies include watching classic films, collecting music, watching college sports, and playing with his sons.
  • Fun facts: Mr. Seeger has never lived without owning at least one dog. Also, he began his college career as an art major.

Upper School Spanish - Ellie Sherrill

  • Position: Upper School Spanish
  • Email: esherrill@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BA in Spanish from Davidson College; MA in Spanish from NC State University; IB diploma from Trinity Episcopal School.
  • Honors: Member of both Sigma Delta Pi and Omicron Delta Kappa and the recipient of both the Outstanding Graduate Student and Outstanding Tutoring Awards in 2013.
  • Background: Spanish Department Tutor at NC State University, Assistant Swim Coach at Saint Mary's School, Spanish Teacher at Saint Mary's School.
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Demonstrator/Modeler
    • Hands-On Learning
    • Group Work
    • Class Presentations
  • Learning styles: As a language teacher, Mrs. Sherrill's lessons involve repetition of sounds, concepts, and ideas. She tries to introduce and review material in a variety of ways to reach students who learn in different ways. While one vocabulary lesson might center on the images associated with the words they are learning, another may involve movement and acting out to help students remember the words. The repetition inherent in language learning grants her the freedom to experiment with many different styles of learning.
  • Educational philosophy: Mrs. Sherrill firmly believes that teachers bear the primary responsibility in creating in their students the drive to succeed and achieve. As students become more driven, they are more willing to take risks in the classroom, and this enables them to move beyond what they already know.
  • Hobbies: Mrs. Sherrill loves to swim and play ultimate Frisbee.
  • Fun facts: This past February, Mrs. Sherrill finished the Disney Princess Half Marathon. She also has a passion for cooking.

Upper School Math - David Siler

  • Position: Upper School Math
  • Email: dsiler@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Holds a BS in Mathematics Education from North Carolina State University
  • Holds a Master of School Administration from East Carolina University
  • 29 year of public school teaching experience
  • Certified Athletic Trainer who lead the Havelock High School wrestling team to four State Championships

Upper School Instrumental Music Teacher - Arlington Tart

  • Position: Upper School Instrumental Music Teacher
  • Email: atart@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Holds an MA in Jazz Performance from East Carolina University
  • Completed his undergraduate degree from the Berklee College of Music
  • Over 20 years of experience in providing individual music lessons
  • Owns and operates Arlin’s Music Lessons and Repairs in Oxford, NC

Visual Arts, Drawing and Painting, Honors Drawing and Painting - Jodi Tomboulian

  • Position: Visual Arts, Drawing and Painting, Honors Drawing and Painting
  • Email: jtomboulian@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BS of Education in Math and Art from Western Carolina University; NC Licensed in: Art for K–12, Mathematics for 6–12, and Social Studies for 6–9.
  • Honors: Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society; Art Chairperson at Piedmont Open Middle; Math Chairperson at Piedmont Open Middle; 2003 Finalist for the World Affairs Council of Charlotte Scholar Program; Duke Energy Outstanding Educator Award; Charlotte Hornets Educator Recognition Award; Wachovia Ben Craig Outstanding Educator Award; Arts and Science Council Outstanding Leadership Award
  • Background: Mrs. Tomboulian has been teaching since 1980. She has taught Visual Arts, Language Arts, Mathematics, Computer Programming, Social Studies, Self-Contained Classrooms, and After-School Enrichment.
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Lecture Based
    • Demonstration and Modeling
    • Facilitation
    • Plentiful Personal Feedback
    • Hands-On Learning
    • Primarily Visually Focused
  • Learning styles: To help incorporate students' learning styles in her classroom, Mrs. Tomboulian varies the delivery of the instructional material. She utilizes lectures, teacher demonstrations, handouts, YouTube videos, slideshows, white boards and SMART Boards. She also facilitates class discussions. She encourages note taking and labeling of diagrams, and she always loves a good question.
  • Cocurricular involvement: Elementary School and Upper School Art Club Advisor, National Art Honor Society Advisor
  • Hobbies: Mrs. Tomboulian loves arts and crafts, Chinese culture and arts, and Chinese Chess. She is a member of the Twin Rivers Art Association (TRAA) and actively participates in church and missions.
  • Fun facts: Mrs. Tomboulian has petted a panda bear in Chengdu, has seen the Terracotta Soldiers in Xian, and has flown over an active volcano in Hawaii. She was also a former foster parent to eight teenage girls—of whom she formally adopted one and unofficially adopted three others.

11th Grade Personal Planning and Growth - David Wang

  • Position: 11th Grade Personal Planning and Growth
  • Email: dwang@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BA in English from Davidson College, and MSA from East Carolina University
  • Honors: Teacher of the Year, Rockingham County Schools; Coach of the Year (Soccer) 2000, 2001; Regional Coach of the Year 2000, 2001; Coach of the Year (Swimming) 2011–2012; NBCT-EAELA 2000–2010.
  • Background: Teacher at East Forsyth High School, Teacher at Rockingham County High School
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Socratic Method
    • Collaboration
    • Facilitation
    • Plentiful Personal Feedback
    • Group Work
    • Class Presentations
    • Primarily Visually Focused
  • Learning styles: Mr. Wang relies on preassessments to determine where students are prior to the start of a new year. He then incorporates grouping and tiered assignments, so students who progress faster than others will continue to be challenged. He also utilizes scaffolding and interactive assignments, and he encourages student-driven productivity.
  • Educational philosophy: Mr. Wang supports the idea that all students are unique and enter the classroom with different levels of learned and innate skills. As a teacher, mentor, and Deputy Headmaster, Mr. Wang believes that it is important to meet students at their level and then to differentiate lessons and future learning accordingly. His goal is to teach students lessons inside and outside of the classroom that will well equip them for college and life beyond.
  • Cocurricular involvement: Boys' and Girls' Swim Team Coach
  • Hobbies: Mr. Wang's hobbies include: swimming, running, ceramics, golfing, playing soccer, cooking and gardening.
  • Fun facts: Mr. Wang has traveled to five of the seven continents and has owned over 100 bowties in his lifetime.