College Preparedness

Preparing students for college doesn't simply mean giving them the educational tools they'll need to succeed. It's about matching students with the school that's right for them and giving students the opportunity for valuable experiences outside of the classroom to help them become well-rounded individuals, ready to take on the challenges of college life. College preparation is a participatory process that requires equal involvement from the student, parents and the school as well.

We begin preparing students for college in the 9th grade, providing one-on-one assistance that reaches well beyond helping students find schools they like. Our college guidance team works hand-in-hand with students and families to help foster interests and find the right school where those interests can flourish. 


Highlights of Epiphany's College Guidance

  • Students begin to receive individualized college guidance in 9th grade
  • Epiphany has a 100% college acceptance and matriculation rate
  • On average, each Epiphany graduate earn nearly $85,000 in college awards and scholarships
  • We have an impressive and growing list of college acceptances.

Our college guidance team also works hard to help provide even more value to their Epiphany education. On average, an Epiphany graduate earns nearly $85,000 in college awards and scholarships. In many cases, this assistance helps defer all, if not most, of the cost of college education. 

Working closely with each student allows our college guidance staff to make personal connections and understand at a deeper level the type of school that would best suit each graduate. These four-year interactive relationships between students and college advisors give our students a competitive edge over institutions that offer college advising solely in the senior year.

College Acceptances

We have an impressive list of college acceptances, having successfully placed students in not just the top universities in our state but across the country and the world. Take a look at our record of acceptances to see all of the places Epiphany students will go.

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