About Epiphany

Epiphany Fast Facts

Academic Programs

  • We continue to maintain a low student to faculty ratio (8 to 1) to ensure that students receive all of the personalized, individualized attention they deserve.
  • Dual accreditation by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools AND Southern Association of Independent Schools.
  • Lower School conducts Spanish immersion classes in Kindergarten, and many classes are taught in 50% Spanish and 50% English. Grades 3 through 5 continue their Spanish language learning with one hour of Spanish each day.
  • No teaching to the test/EOG/standardized testing allows teachers to teach the full year and focus on each student's achievements and needs.
  • Learning Services and various tutoring opportunities are available.
  • Regular field trips and experiential learning opportunities for each grade throughout the year.
  • Balanced STEM curriculum with a comprehensive, hands-on science program begins in Kindergarten.
  • Enrichment classes teach students the value of collaboration and communication and lay the foundation for a broader, global perspective.
  • Highly qualified, experienced teachers who focus on the individual student to achieve maximum potential.
  • Living history and experiential learning trips to Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, Charleston, and Washington DC.
  • STEM trip to Disney for grades 6-8.
  • Based on Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, life skills classes continue the enrichment curriculum in lower grades and foster self-awareness and independence.
  • Beginning in 6th grade, students will take two electives a year (one per semester), allowing them to discover and mature their interest in the arts or athletics.
  • We offer a challenging curriculum with regular, Honors, and AP classes.
  • Upper school writing classes prepare students for the rigors of post-high school education and encourage independent research and thought.
  • We continue to seek opportunities for teachers to further their training and stay abreast of the latest trends in education and technology in the classroom.
  • Enrichment and life skills classes are teaching students self-awareness, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration; the keys to success for the “21st-century student.”

College Preparation

  • We have a 100% matriculation rate, successfully placing every Epiphany graduate in the college that’s right for them.
  • Impressive and growing list of college and university acceptances.
  • Create a foundation for future success – over the last five years, classes averaged $2.74 million in merit scholarships.
  • Personalized college guidance and curriculum begins in 8th grade so students can work towards the school that’s right for them and have the opportunity to seek scholarship opportunities.
  • Students visit at least six college campuses with their college counselor from 8th to 11th grade to help them understand the different types of colleges and universities available to them.
  • Senior Seminar capstone course includes college application assistance as well as a personal philosophy and career inquiry process that prepares students for the journey ahead.


  • Financial aid is available for families who qualify, with preference given to families beginning in 6th grade.
  • We accept the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship.
  • Close proximity reduces the cost of transportation (busing) to and from school.
  • Field trips and experiential learning opportunities are covered in the regular tuition.
  • Email communications, a school mobile app, and an active social media help parents stay connected with daily activities and highlights from the school year. Parent-teacher communication is always encouraged.
  • We have a 100% matriculation rate, successfully placing every Epiphany graduate in a college or university.
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Student Experience

  • “Love God and Your Neighbor as Yourself” at the core of everything we do.
  • Students are free to explore new ideas and develop their independence under the guidance of an experienced faculty and staff.
  • We offer a wide range of clubs, extracurriculars, and athletics so students can explore interests in a wide range of programs, like NC Junior Classical League and Model UN.
  • Kids want to come to school every day. Students, teachers, and parents describe their experience as a family, supportive, happy, friendly, and safe.
  • All students have a faculty advisor that can lend a helpful ear, provide academic, spiritual or emotional guidance, and encourage students to reach their highest potential.
  • “Evenings at the School” give students more social time to interact with their peers in a less-regimented academic environment.
  • Nearly 95% of all high school students participate in a study abroad experience, where they can put their global studies education in action and truly participate as global citizens.
  • Community Days and other service opportunities help students understand the value of giving back and help create the foundation of a global citizen.
  • First Day of School: Students in all grades participate in a full day of service work in the community, setting the stage for more substantial service opportunities in middle and upper school.
  • Buddy Days pair high school students with elementary and grade school students.
  • We have instituted a “no-cut” policy for our athletics programs, and nearly 85% of our student body participates in athletics.
  • To date, Epiphany students have participated in global experiences abroad in 26 different countries.
  • Seniors spend the last month of their senior year participating in various service learning opportunities.