Student Life

Performing & Creative Arts

It is widely understood that the performing and creative arts provide important mediums for self-expression. For some students, the performing and creative arts are a way to pursue a dream; for others, the arts are simply a way to stretch beyond their comfort zones. Either way, the performing and creative arts benefit our students, and our students value the numerous opportunities to master these challenges. By tapping into a student’s latent creativity, exposure to and participation in the arts allows students to explore and express their emotions in a healthy way. The performing and creative arts are areas of emphasis and growing importance at the school. They provide students with outlets to creatively explore interests and express themselves and their feelings in new and interesting ways.

Highlights of our Performing & Creative Arts Programs

  • Dramatic performances by students from the Upper School in our 540-seat Performing Arts Center
  • Age-appropriate productions for lower and middle school grades are also available
  • Choral and instrumental music programs give students the opportunity to study music from around the world
  • Regularly scheduled performances by the various ensembles in our music department
  • Audition-only Talent Show is one of the highlights of each year
  • Visual arts opportunities in drawing, painting, mixed media, and creative sculpture

Programs Offered

Believing that students of all ages should have the opportunity to foster their creative interests, we have a wide range of arts programs that any student can participate in. 

  • Drama and Theater
  • Choral Music
  • Instrumental Music
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Visual Arts