Years of planning and hard work culminate in Epiphany’s Upper School. While continuing with challenging coursework, students begin to prepare themselves for the next level by mastering skills, such as critical thinking, independence, and empathy. Global experiences put these ideas into practical application, as students truly understand their impact on the world around them.

Grades 9-12 At A Glance

  • A rigorous college prep curriculum with many AP classes available
  • Upper school writing classes prepare students for the rigors of post-high school education and encourage independent research and thought
  • All high school students participate in a service learning, language immersion experience, where they can put their global studies education in action and truly participate as global citizens
  • Personalized college guidance begins in 9th grade so students can work towards the school that’s right for them and have the opportunity to seek scholarship opportunities


A minimum of 27 credits in required courses and electives. Full-year courses (which include almost all core classes) receive 1.0 academic credit, and semester courses receive .5 credit.

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Some students enroll at Craven Community College through NC’s Career and College Promise Program during their junior and/or senior year. The most popular courses include Writing & Inquiry, Principles of Micro/Macroeconomics, Psychology, and Sociology.

Students also have the option to apply to and enroll in the NC School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) Online Program. This extremely competitive program offers eligible students additional honors/AP-level coursework.


Students may take AP courses throughout their Upper School careers but must seek permission to take more than two in a school year. We offer more than a dozen AP classes, including English, history, science, math, and foreign language opportunities.

Students may also take additional AP courses through MSAISnet via NCAIS or other school-approved extension programs.



Through foreign language study, international exchanges, and community service opportunities, Epiphany students will have acquired an understanding and appreciation of the power of language as a tool of oral and written communication. As responsible citizens of the world, they will have gained an affinity and respect for diverse peoples, ideas, and cultures. They will have developed curiosity, critical thinking skills, and a passion for lifelong language learning. Students may continue their Spanish or Latin learning or may switch to fulfill their language requirements.


We encourage our students to explore their interests outside academia, and our Performing and Creative Arts programs provide a variety of opportunities for students to explore channels of self-expression. Epiphany is equipped for students to immerse themselves in new experiences with the engaging resources found in our Performing Arts Center and other facilities. Throughout the year, our events in the arts bring both Epiphany and local communities together in fellowship. The value of theater, music, dance, and visual art are vital to the development of well-rounded students and are ingrained in the Epiphany identity.