Tuition Assistance and Scholarships


Scholarship Opportunities

Rural Scholarship Alliance (RSA)

Application Deadline - March 31 (Kindergarten only)

The RSA Scholarship is a partnership between the Nicholas Sparks Foundation and The Epiphany School of Global Studies. If a student is awarded this scholarship, it will follow him/her throughout the K-12 education at Epiphany.

Click here to learn about the eligibility guidelines. To apply, check the RSA box on the application.


Opportunity Scholarship

For applicants applying to a private school for the first time; offered by the state of N.C. To apply for the scholarship go to their website at

To qualify for the Opportunity Scholarship, students must be attending a public school and want to transfer to a private school.

For more information go to and click on K-12 Grants and Opportunity Scholarship. There is a Household Income Worksheet to see if you would qualify for the scholarship.


Tuition Assistance

Application Deadline - April 15 (Preference for Grades 6-12)

The Epiphany School of Global Studies collaborates with the FACTS Tuition Management website when making financial aid decisions.

FACTS is a web-based, independent financial aid service for independent schools that require specific financial information as part of a process that will help to inform the decision on how much a family can fairly afford, such as:

  • Bank statements
  • Tax filings
  • Home ownership information
  • Savings accounts
  • Other necessary financial information

Once “affordability" is established, the information is forwarded to the family. The school also receives the information and makes an evaluation based on three factors:

  • The amount requested
  • The financial aid available
  • Number of students applying

An offer is then submitted to the family. Click here for a link to the FACTS website.


Tuition Assistance Policy

The Epiphany School of Global Studies will offer Tuition Assistance to a limited number of students, with preference for students entering grades 6-12 on a financial needs basis. The maximum award is limited to 50% of the tuition.

Interested applicants can apply for Tuition Assistance through FACTS Management. To obtain more information please call Molly Ostmann at 252-638-0122 Ext: 125


Tuition Assistance Committee

In early May a committee made up of the Head of School, Director of Finance, and other members of the Leadership Team will meet to determine the following year’s recipients based on a set of criteria including financial need (as determined by FACTS).