Tutoring & Learning Services

We understand that students have a variety of complex learning processes and respond differently to different types of coursework. While our experienced faculty is focused on differentiation and self-guided learning, some students may require additional assistance to thrive as they should in our educational environment. To prevent any student from "falling through the cracks" and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential we offer a comprehensive range of tutoring and learning services options.

Learning Services

The Office of Learning Services of The Epiphany School of Global Studies commits to helping students in grades K-5 achieve learning gains and develop confidence in their abilities. In grades 6-12, The Office of Learning Services commits to preparing students for success in college and for significance in their lives beyond the school walls by helping them cultivate a sense of capability, determination, resilience, self-advocacy, and a love of learning.

Appreciating differences in students' learning processes, the faculty at The Epiphany School of Global Studies, with its expertise and wisdom, is dedicated to pursuing the best for each student as he or she progresses toward college acceptance. A "Team of Professionals," which includes the student, his or her parents, teachers, division principal and possible tutor, is encouraged to work together and to openly communicate the needs, goals, and strategies beneficial to the student's learning. With proper documentation and a psychological educational evaluation, a plan of accommodations that will support the student's learning needs is prepared and implemented.

This plan may also include tutoring services coordinated with the assistance of the Director of Learning Services. Tutoring may be scheduled during the traditional school day with consideration of minimal conflict with other classes. The Tutors are trained to build on classroom instruction and to work in cooperation with Epiphany teachers. It is a parent's responsibility to arrange financial compensation with the tutor directly.

The Office of Learning Services also commits to providing resources for teachers, parents, and adults significant in the students' lives that will encourage an empathetic and supportive environment, emphasizing success, maturity, and independence.


Tutorial is time set aside during school, before school, or after school, during which a student can meet with a teacher to discuss specific problems the student may be having in a particular class. The teacher is available to answer questions, provide additional help, and offer suggestions in order to help the student master the material. The student should make arrangements with the teacher directly when asking for specific help.

Tutorial is generally scheduled once or twice a week per class and is also a time in which students can make up missed exams or homework after an illness or excused absence.


Student Tutoring

Student Tutorial, as opposed to Tutorial, is an opportunity for older students at Epiphany to tutor younger students.  The Director of Learning Services initiates communication between parents and the student tutor.  Parents and tutors determine compensation and scheduling.  As with adult tutoring, the student tutor is encouraged to cooperate with the teachers to best meet the needs of the younger student.