The Value of an Epiphany Education

At the Epiphany School of Global Studies, our educational opportunities and experiences expand our student's boundaries to the world around them, adequately preparing them for high school and beyond. 

The elementary and middle school years are perhaps the most crucial years in the growth and formation of a young person. In this context, the value of an Epiphany School of Global Studies education is intangible and ultimately immeasurable.

2018-2019 Tuition schedule



Comprehensive Fees


Kindergarten 8,425 725 9,150
1st 8,800 725 9,525
2nd 8,800 725 9,525
3rd 8,800 725 9,525
4th 8,800 725 9,525
5th 8,800 825 9,625
6th 9,060 800 9,860
7th 9,060 800 9,860
8th 9,060 925 9,985
9th 9,825 1,050 10,875
10th 9,825 825 10,650
11th 9,825 825 10,650
12th 9,825 825 10,650












Tuition Deposit

A non-refundable deposit of $400 per student is due. After August 1st of the current school year, this deposit amount may vary based on time of enrollment.


Tuition Payment Options

Tuition is billed through a third party, FACTS Tuition Management. FACTS provides flexible payment plan options to families through a convenient online format. The payment options are as follows:

1.       Pay in full by July 1st and receive a 2% discount on tuition only.

2.       Split tuition into 2 equal payments, due July 1st and January 1st.

3.       Pay monthly over a 10-month period (July through April).


Tuition Assistance

If you would like to apply for tuition assistance through FACTS Tuition Management, the application deadline is Friday, April 15. Please visit our website at, click on the Frequently Asked Questions pull down under the Admissions tab. Tuition assistance is available for all grades with preference given to grades 6-12.


Active Military Discount

Families of active military personnel are eligible for a 5% discount on tuition only. In addition, the new family fee is waived.


Multi-Student Discount

Families with more than one child enrolled are extended discounts as follows:

  • 2 Students: $250
  • 3+ Students: $1,000
  • These discounts are not per student but rather on total bill.


Families may pay tuition and comprehensive fees through annual, bi-annual, or monthly payments.


New Family Fee

New Families must provide a one-time New Family Facility Fee of $1000, which is independent of the number of children enrolled in the school. The New Family Fee can be paid with the same options as tuition.

A "New Family" is defined as one who does not have a child currently enrolled in Epiphany. The New Family Facility Fee is to be paid when a family enrolls its child(ren) and is not to be confused with the Enrollment Deposit. The New Family Facility Fee covers maintenance and improvement of our facilities, including work such as painting, landscaping, carpet replacement, and classroom, playground, and field repairs.



Currently, students are required to purchase their own textbooks and literature books in grades 6–12.



Students are required to purchase their own Epiphany attire. Review the dress code in the appropriate division's student handbooks before purchasing clothing items. Dress code varies according to grade.

For clothing purchases, please visit: (use school code # 900119090), New Bern SportsBenderBern Baby Outfitters.

Dress Code for Lower School

Dress Code for Upper School



The Epiphany School of Global Studies does not have a cafeteria staff that prepares meals for its students. Students have the option to either bring a healthy lunch from home or purchase a lunch from a contracted local restaurant with the below form. These lunches must be ordered a month in advance. The order is due at noon on Friday before the next month begins. The current menu can always be found in the following link, in Quick Links, or in our community newsletter.

Current Monthly Lunch Menu/Form


International Student Tuition and Fees


 Grades 9


 Grades 10-12






 Comprehensive Fees*


 Comprehensive Fees*


 Host Family Stipend


 Host Family Stipend


 Admissions Fees


 Admissions Fess


 Program Fees**


 Program Fees**














*9th-grade comprehensive fee includes fees toward the Costa Rica trip for all 9th-grade students.

**Program fees include international student activities, transcripts, and paperwork, host family background checks, health insurance and books. It does not include clothing that is required for Epiphany's dress code.